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X-Pipe Vs. H-pipe


Lots of people ask what the difference is between an X-pipe and an H-pipe.  Sound differences, power differences ease of installation etc.  While this vid has been on my site for years I've decided to give it a little love with a "tech" article.

You can hear the difference for yourself but I'd say an X-pipe is a bit more raspy while the H-pipe has a deeper sound.  They both install about the same and as far as power - it's a debate that will go on forever...but I'd say an X-pipe is better for power higher in the power band and the H-pipe is a bit more torquey.

Again see (and hear) for yourself by watching the vid below.

Both cars feature 347 strokers with bumped compression, big cams and aftermarket heads.  Both also feature 1-3/4" shorty headers and 2.5" exhaust with 2-chamber flowmaster mufflers.

My Capri features a 2.5" o/r X-pipe and Dads Mustang a 2.5" o/r H-pipe.

In 2012 I changed my exhaust as I wanted to quiet it down a bit and to especially get rid of the highway drone.  I decided to go with Dynomax VT mufflers and I love them. For the write-up I did on them along with decibel readings and videos click HERE.



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