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My car is #026 out of 114 full package ascMcLaren Capri's for 1986, and the interior received the upgrades listed below:

There were also 47 Euro Coupes that were $832.00 less. These cars only came in raven black, oxford white or smoke charcoal gray metallic, and didn't receive the upgrades above.

The ground effects, the striping, the wheels, the headlight/taillight covers and the lowered stance on my car are all from the factory; as was a completely stock fuel injected 5.0L motor. Mine is one of 106 that came with a 5-speed. The original wheels were 15" BBS type wheels that are orange with a polished face. All AscMcLaren's came with lower profile Z rated tires too. There were only 17 Midnight Navy Blue with Popsicle Orange Striping cars like mine made in 1986, and there were only 28 with the pop-up sunroof. So, there are less than 18 of cars exactly like mine made.

The Modifications

I bought the Capri in the summer of 1994 right after I graduated high school. The Capri was to replace my 1979 Mustang Ghia 5.0. The Mustang was a notchback that my Grandpop bought new. When I got it, it had 58,000 miles and was perfect. It was white with black interior. It had no console, chrome trim inside and out and was an automatic. I said WAS perfect because it got broken into at school and after it was repaired it just wasn't the same. So I started to look for a later model fuel injected Mustang. After months of looking, I remember the first time I saw the Capri I said "I'd take it". Several weeks later, the Capri was mine. The car was perfect and stock with the exception of Flowmaster mufflers.

The Capri started out as my daily driver. I ran a 14.7 the first time I took it to the track. Shortly after that I put in a K&N filter, turned up the timing and installed a Pro 5.0 short throw shifter. I also installed a set of Ford Motorsport pulleys. They made a big difference. Low 14's was not a problem now. The next step was nitrous. First, I installed a 155lph fuel pump, and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and gauge to be safe. With the 150 shot and 10* timing I was running low 13's. The car felt awesome. I decided to buy a Crane Hi6Tr ignition so I could take advantage of the timing retard feature and extra spark. Now I could run 15* timing on the motor and retard to 10* when I hit the juice.

The car was running great for a long time and then one day (back in 1997) on the way home from school it started to miss bad. I figured I had popped a head gasket. I made up my mind and decided to get the motor rebuilt. Turns out I did have a blown head gasket. Also, Mr. valve came in contact with Mr. piston - NOT GOOD. Anyway, the 306 was in the works. At the same time, I installed the aluminum heads, the cobra intake and a mass air conversion (among other things). A month later I had the Capri back - good as new - actually better than new. It was now running lower 13's on the motor than on the juice before. The first pass with the juice netted a 12.5. Now were getting somewhere. Drivability was perfect, and power was awesome. After an upgrade to a 75mm bullet a none cobra computer and some tuning, on the first N20 pass at a raceway park track rental it ran another 12.5 without even trying. A lower RPM launch netted a 12.0. I said I ain't leaving until I get into the 11's. The next run was awesome. The McCreary G60's spun all over and the Capri went sideways but I stayed in it and the result was an 11.7 at 115. What a day!! That was many years ago and the car is nearly the same now except for a rollbar and a new paint job. I did the rollbar myself and had it upholstered at Rydon Upholstery in Philadelphia to match the interior. It also retains the back seats and the hatch area. The sun started to get to the paint so I decided to get the car painted in Jan 2001. Davidson's Collision on Bristol Pike in Bensalem did the work. They did a great job and Steve was very patient with me. I was there every day after work checking things out. The latest upgrade has been an EEC-Tuner. It's a computer chip that, in conjunction with my laptop, enables me to change the factory EEC parameters. It's been a slow process but I'm definitely making progress. The first time back to Atco, I ran an 11.70 at 117 and that was only with the 125 shot and 80+ additional pounds of rollbar so the tuning is definitely helping. I've since gone 11.4's@118+ with the 150 jets.

8 years after the 306 was built I blew another head gasket (Fall 2004). Again, just cruising around not even beatin' on it. Upon inspection, the gasket was actually just blown due to lasted 8 strong years and didn't owe me a thing. I freshened the bottom end with a stroker kit (347), upgraded the Edelbrock heads with a set of AFR 185's and changed the cam. (Click here for the latest engine rebuild picture gallery). The Capri was back together in a few months and running strong once again. A week after of being back together I noticed the gas pedal acting weird...upon inspection, I noticed the throttle blade was hanging out of the throttle body (Broken TB: Pic1, Pic2). So, I upgraded to a 75mm unit along with an 80mm Pro-M mass air meter that I bought used. That's where the car stands now (Summer 2005). I haven't been back to the track yet though. Stay tuned for new track times, pics and videos.

Spring 2012.

As mentioned above the car is basically the same since 2005. I've changed ECU's and I've done a few suspension upgrades since then but that's about it. Recently though I changed the exhaust - featuring Dynomax VT mufflers. You can read my Dynomax VT REVIEW by clicking the link.

Other than fine tuning the computer and driving the Capri nothing else is going on...Capri wise anyway. I'd love to get to the track this year but we'll see.

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