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I recently got into making 3D printed parts.  I'm addicted to it really.  I 3D model the part and then have Shapeways do the 3D printing for me.  It's a great service and their prices are very reasonable.  The parts come out really, REALLY nice - ALOT better than what can be produced with a consumer grade 3D printer. 

I've wanted a 3D printer for some time but after haivng parts produced through shapeways I'm sort of spoiled at the quality (looks & durability!)

I have a few Mustang/Capri parts on shapeways now with a ton of Remote Control Car parts and some GoPro stuff.  Most parts are plastic but shapeways does Stainless too and I've gotten some metal parts from them and they are great as well.  Super cool!

With that being said I'm certainly up for making something custom.  I've done multiple custom RC car parts for people and am always up for a challange.  Just contact me with the idea and we'll go from there.  Otherwise check back here for new parts.

Here are some of the 3D Printed Parts I've made.  As mentioned contact me if you want something custom.  For ALL my stuff click HERE.

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