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Well it's official! The 2012 Four Eyed Fox-A-Que will be held on July 21st 2012.

The annual Fox-A-Que is almost here and I can't wait. If you don't know what that is - it's the annual 79-86 Four Eyed Fox get together in Long Island NY. It's a blast and I'll be there again this year!

Event details are pasted below from the official thread over at Four Eyed Pride...I suggest posting in the thread with questions. I believe the site he created will start accepting registration March 1st!

Ed posted links below to the FEP picture threads - here are the pics I took!

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(copy/pasted from eeprete over at FEP)

The Official 4th Annual Four-Eyed Fox-A-Que Weekend

July 20th 6pm - 11pm
Cruise Night at Bellmore Train Station
July 21st 11am - 4pm
4th Annual Four-Eyed Fox-A-Que
July 21st 5pm - 8pm
Annual Four-Eyed Fox-A-Que Run to Cedar Beach
July 22nd 8am - 3pm
7th Annual Thunderbird & ALL Ford Show at Syosset Ford

Registration for the BBQ will be Required

Suggested donation amount of: $15 per adult. There will be a paypal acct set up as of March 1, so it'll be easier for everyone to pay prior.

(Registration counts by sending me a PM or posting in this thread with an "I'LL BE THERE!!".. Anyone that shows that I don't know about, whether it be simply from seeing the thread or being invited or told by word of mouth, well, I can't guarantee you'll get fed, lol, but you are still welcome to have a good time! Don't forget, this is a four-eyed fox BBQ!

With Food costs what they are, I really need to know exact counts). With that said, I do know sometimes gas and hotels prohibit attendance, so please, please only commit if you know you can arrange everything you will need.

Wait... there's more... I will need TWO volunteers this year to help with the grill. Those two volunteers will be FREE. The only thing I ask is 1 hour of working the grill from you. I want everyone to enjoy as much time as possible so I want to limit anyone's grill time to 1 hr max.

To make it even easier...

Pre-Registration deadline will be July 13th.
I'll arrange all of the food shopping and getting it all there and starting the grills etc. For anyone wishing to contribute with the shopping and gathering of food, drinks, supplies or other things we may need, please reach out to me via PM or email (I am sure 90% of you have my email and phone). Those of you that have already reached out, thank you, and I look forward to coordinating.


As this year will be no exception and I know there will be new comers, here are "official address to the park".... HOWEVER be aware, this takes you to the golf course side. We are meeting at the PICNIC side, which is a little ways off. We will also hopefully coordinate a group cruise in. So everyone, bring your cameras, your iPhones, Video cams, whatever you want to take pics and video of all of it.

Official Address:
Bethpage State Park
99 Quaker Meeting House Road
Farmingdale, NY 11735

If anyone has any specific dietary needs, please let me know.

Here is what's on the menu:
- burgers/cheeseburgers
- hotdogs
- sausages
- babyback ribs (YES)
- potato/mac salad & cole slaw
- potato chips, doritos, pretzels (there will be no dip)
- coke, pepsi, sprite, rootbeer, cream soda, water
- the BBQ is a dry event. No alcohol at the bbq as because we'd need a permit with the amount of people. If anyone wants to bring their own cooler for later in the evening at the Beach Hut, that's fine by me, but as the organizer of the BBQ, I ask anyone to leave it at the gate/in their cars. Last thing I'd want to see is anyone intoxicated, cracking up their car, hurting someone, themselves etc. I can't have that on my conscience or liability, thanks.

Here are some directions (to where we are BBQ'ing):

From Long Island's South Shore
Southern State Parkway to Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway N (RT 135 N)
Take RT 135 north to Exit 8 (Powell Ave).
As you are exiting through the curve you will get to Powell Ave/Plainview Road, make the immediate left, the main road into the park will be on your immediate left.

From Long Island's North Shore
Northern State Parkway or LIE (495) to Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway S (RT135 S)
Take RT 135 south to Exit 8 (Powell Ave).
As you are exiting off the exit ramp you will be at Powell Ave, make a left (crossing you back over 135), then continue on up to the main road into the park will be on your immediate left (Do not make the left to get back on the SOB/135).

Here is a link to where the BBQ LOT is:

(here is a zoomed out view):


Evening Cruise Details
We will depart Bethpage at approximately 5PM and cruise to Cedar Beach which is located along the Ocean Parkway in Babylon, NY.

This cruise will be approximately 30 minutes, but will offer outstanding scenic views while cruising the world renowned Ocean Parkway. There are sections where there is nothing but straight road for miles. T-top or convertible drivers can really take it all in, to a new level.


How much fun is this??
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