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Dynomax VT Mufflers [review] (for the Capri)



I wanted to try to get rid of the drone I was experiencing on the highway...wanted to quiet the car down a bit overall too if possible.  After some research I ended up going with the Dynomax VT mufflers.  They have a small flap inside that when idling or at a constant speed closes causing the airflow to be redirected - hence quieting the car down a bit...It opens fully at WOT so no performance is fact these are said to flow more than twice what the Flowmasters flow (841cfm compared to 373 cfm I believe). 

I went with the 17959's (listed for a single exhaust setup) because their tech support recommended them for my big cam setup...apparently this muffler has a stronger flap...

Also pictured is the rest of the stainless exhaust I put on - featuring a Bassani x-pipe!






Decibel levels: (NOTE - decibel levels were measured using an app on my phone  - but I tested it and it's consistent with various sounds - same phone used for before and after.)
App is called AndroSensor free on the Android market...It's got a ton of sensors but the decibel meter is all the way at the bottom...

2200 rpm's in 5th gear windows up:
Before: Just under 80db
After: 68db

2000 rpm's in 5th gear windows up: (not too much of a difference here but definitely NO drone!)
Before: just over 70db
After: 67db

Idling standing 5 feet behind:
Before: just over 70db
After: 61db

Overall, the mufflers sound the same under WOT but idle and cruise is definitely quieter...I love the new idle...a little raspy I think...

Now on to the vids!


Idle, walk around, rev & backup:

Idling before (Flowmaster 2-chamber mufflers):

Launching and going through the gears:

 Before (Flowmaster 2-chamber mufflers):

And just for fun some rev limiter action:

And some in car action of the above 2 clips!:

In Conclusion:

Overall I like the new mufflers - Install was straightforward and they are nicely made.  I will report back with any new info after further use and some longer drives.

Rating 5.0 (3 votes)